Good Reasons Why Domestic Violence Sufferers Need To Hire Family Lawyer

March 11, 2019

People mentally or physical abuse their spouse or kids or intimate partners or even parents because they don’t find that their behavior is wrong. They cannot control their anger. So, the victims of domestic violence are very scared to take actions against the abuser but it is crucial that they consider hiring family lawyer.

Obviously, they are frightened that the abuser will influence the legal system with well-behaved manner and well-dressed look. Other problem may be the financial burden because the legal fees can be high.

According to the legal system, you don’t have right for free attorney but your abuser has. Never think in this manner but visit and gain free consultation with affordable family lawyer. Play the field evenly by hiring a reputable family lawyer, who will dedicatedly work in your interest. Your chances to get restraining order increases 86% with lawyers and finally winning a case.

Good reasons domestic violence sufferers need to hire family lawyer

Get divorce and child custody

Living with an abuser spouse is impossible and getting divorce is very challenging, especially if kids are involved. You desire to maintain child custody, so it is necessary to obtain expert legal representation. Family lawyers are well-versed in divorce process, child custody and support as well as domestic violence.

All these proceedings and judgement occurs at the same time and your lawyer ensures to get you your rights, financial support, and assets. You also get advised on ways of getting relieved emotionally and stand on your feet, after such disturbing experience.

Obtain protective order

Restraining or protective orders are of four categories – domestic, dating, sexual, and repeat. Protective orders for domestic violence gets issued if the person is a spouse, co-parent, marriage or blood relative, or buddy is observed guilty of –

  • Stalking
  • Assault
  • False imprisonment
  • Battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Other crimes involving physical injury

The restraining order can be for only 15 days, if judge believes you are in looming danger. General protection order is issued, which lasts for a year. The family lawyer helps to prove that the restraining order needs to be issued for safety and well-being of clients as soon as possible.

Prepares for confrontation

Even if you have a legal representative, there will be times when you will need to speak to the police and courtroom members. The family lawyer will help you in representing yourself properly like what you need to tell the law enforcement or courtroom members or your abuser. It is crucial because there may an argument that your accusations are fake and it is done for spiteful or financial reasons. Never let this story to be believed by the jury and judge.

File suit for damages

After filing for restraining order or divorce, your physical injuries, emotional trauma, and other relevant aspects don’t disappear. You can sue for financial and physical damage caused by the abuser. A family lawyer will help you cover hospital bills, lost income, physical therapy expenses and emotional distress undergone.

If finances are a barrier in hiring family lawyer then approach non-profit organizations or your town’s legal service organization.

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