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Patent Your Ideas to Protect Your Success

February 26, 2019

You have a new, one-of-a-kind, game-changing idea for a product or service. What should be your next move to monetize your genius? Your first step is critical. You must protect your idea or invention by legally taking ownership of it. That means retaining the right patent or trademark attorney to help you navigate the legal process and lay claim to your idea or invention, and make it your intellectual property. But a word of warning. The process can be long and expensive, with many highs and lows. If you persist, however, and you really do have that one-of-kind, game-changing idea or invention, the rewards are worth it.


Patenting Process


Most intellectual property attorneys do not charge for a first-time consultation. You should research patent or trademark attorneys in Philadelphia. Over the phone or in person they can walk you through the process and necessary filings to ensure your idea for a product or service is protected. There are three parts to securing a patent for an idea or invention. First, the attorney will search databases to determine if your idea is original, and if there are any similar patents in existence. Second, the attorney will work with you to file a patent application requesting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. PTO) grants you a patent on your idea or invention. Third, the U.S. PTO will publicize your application which may bring other players to the fore claiming your potential patent infringes on their patents. If someone surmounts a sufficient challenge, you will be required to defend your application and prove that your idea or invention is unique and meets all requirements of the U.S. PTO.

Trademarks and Copyrights


The process of securing trademarks and copyrights is not as rigorous as securing a patent. Trademarks must be properly registered with the U.S. PTO. This registration ensures that your company alone, in your particular industry, has the right to use this trademark on company products and materials. That way as you invest in marketing for the company and brands associated with your trademark, you have exclusive rights to it. Copyrights protect and give ownership to a person over their individual creative works. This includes books, painting, graphic arts, screenplays, movie scripts, movies, etc. The author, artist, producer, or any other individual holds the copyright on his or her works, and lends the rights to publishers, movie studios, and more.


Finding the right patent or trademark attorney in Philadelphia to help you navigate this process will be critical to the success of your business. Don’t wait!


Summary: The process may seem fraught with challenges, but if you persist and build a successful company around your ideas you may just reap untold rewards.

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